Harlands Primary School


Principles for Art learning at Harlands

Art at Harlands aims to excite and inspire children through a wide range of interactive and fun learning experiences, so that they can:

We will have succeeded if they continue to develop a love of art and use these skills to have an impact on the world around them.


Skills Development and Assessment

At Harlands there is a progressive curriculum that covers the five strands of Art learning – namely, drawing, painting, print-making, textiles and sculpture – for children to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination.

Key Stage 1 children are taught to:

Key Stage 2 children are taught to:

Differentiation and challenge in Art are facilitated through outcome. 

Children evaluate this work against the objectives of the lessons and decide where their learning will go next.  Teachers have high expectations of all children, and use a skills continuum to plan and assess progress.

Enrichment Opportunities

Useful Resources to support Art Learning