Harlands Primary School

Structure of the School Day

Start of the Day

  • The school gate opens at 8.30am
  • The playgrounds are supervised from 8.30am
  • Teaching staff are on duty in their classrooms from 8.40am
  • School registers are taken at 8.50am

We ask parents or carers of infants to stay in the playground with their children until the doors are opened at 8.40am.

For the first couple of weeks parents of Early Years children may wish to come into school for a while to settle them. However, children very quickly prefer to be independent and show that they can manage their own coat, book bag or sandwich box. Once they reach this stage we request that you say goodbye at the door. Junior children will make their own way to the junior playground where the whistle is blown for "lining up" at 8.40am.

First thing in the morning is a particularly busy time, so if you want a quick word with the teacher, after school is better.

Collecting children

Parents of children in Early Years go through the garden gate to collect their children.

Please let the teacher know if someone else is collecting or phone the office if you have been delayed.

School Times

First Session

Break time 10.30-10.45
Second Session  10.45-12.00
LUNCHTIME 12.00-1.00
Afternoon session (KS1) 1.00-3.05
Afternoon session (KS2) 1.00-3.10
CHILDREN  SHOULD NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 8.30AM as teachers are busy preparing for the day ahead and cannot be responsible for pupils before 8.40am.


Playtime is from 10.30 to 10.45am, although the Reception children often go out separately.

Infants also have a short playtime in the afternoon. There are three playgrounds; one for the Reception/Infant children, the other two for the older children. There are teachers and teaching assistants on duty at playtime to supervise activities, with teaching assistants supervising at lunchtime. Only sponge footballs are allowed on the playground, and play fighting is not permitted (children whose play is rough will be reprimanded).

The children have a varied environment of hard, artificial and natural grassed areas with large and small play equipment, including climbing frames, play houses, a fort, outdoor classroom, chess board, picnic seating areas and quiet corners.

The school participates in the Free School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme for those in Reception, Years 1 and 2. Children in KS2 are permitted to bring a snack to school for morning break. As part of our healthy eating policy we ask the children to bring fruit, vegetables or buns and not crisps or sweets.

Children should have hats and sun cream in the event of sunny weather, and will also need a water bottle.